ICSD (Inorganic Crystal Structure Database)-无机晶体结构数据库



  • 实验性无机结构
  • 实验性金属有 机结构
  • 理论上的无机结构



  • 纯元素、矿物、金属和金属间化合物的结构数据
  • 结构描述符(Pearson符号、ANX 公式、Wyckoff序列)
  • 书目数据和摘要
  • 关于方法、属性和应用的关键字





ICSD Web是一种基于主机的互联网解决方案,它为用户提供了基于浏览器的界面的灵活性以及图形用户界面的功能和效率。ICSD Web由FIZ卡尔斯鲁厄开发和维护,以满足用户日益增长的要求和现代软件开发的要求。用户友好的界面易于浏览,具有更新功能:

  • 直观的搜索界面
  • 结构类型的广泛分类,可根据定义每种结构类型的描述符进行搜索
  • 结构标准化,便于与其他结构进行比较
  • 扩展的晶体结构可视化和分析工具
  • 粉末图案模拟,可增强执行
  • 简单但强大的查询管理
  • 通过OpenURL服务器直接链接到原始文献


ICSD Web 适用于单个用户、多个用户(不超过4次访问)以及整个校园/站点(无限次访问)。单个用户和多个用户的身份验证由登录名/密码处理。校园/站点用户根据其IP地址进行身份验证;此外,用户可以在通过IP身份验证的同时创建个性化帐户以存储搜索和偏好。






ICSD Web is a host-based internet solution that offers its users both the flexibility of a browser-based interface and the functionality and efficiency of a graphical user interface. ICSD Web is developed and maintained by FIZ Karlsruhe in order to meet both the increasing requirements of the users and the requirements of modern software development. The user-friendly interface is easy to navigate with up-to-date features:

  • intuitive search interface
  • extensive classification in structure types, which are searchable based on descriptors defining each structure type
  • structure standardization for easier comparison with other structures
  • extended crystal structure visualization and analysis tools
  • powder pattern simulation with the possibility of enhanced manipulation
  • simple but powerful query management
  • direct links to the original literature via OpenURL server

ICSD Web is available for single users, multiple users (up to 4 accesses) as well as for whole campuses/sites (unlimited number of accesses). Authentication for single users and multiple users is handled by logins/passwords. Campus/Site users are authenticated based on their IP address; in addition, users can create personalized accounts while being IP authenticated to store searches and preferences.




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