CELSIUS - 三维热设计和分析工具










  • 适用于各种应用的3D静态和瞬态热分析场求解器

  • 我们的软件包包括:

  • 求解器的选择:为确保您对解决方案有信心并进行独立验证,BEM和FEM方法都包含在同一个软件包中,以满足您的特定应用需求。并非每个求解器都适合每个应用程序,没有“一刀切“

  • 优化工具的选择:参数分析适用于那些需要快速方便优化且学习曲线短的人。API和脚本为高等用户提供了更多功能。这两种工具都在同一个包中。

  • 内置材料库:自定义和创建您自己的库,以便方便访问您使用的材料

  • 与MATLAB®集成:用户的MATLAB代码可以包含对INTEGRATED API的函数调用,以构建几何、分配物理参数、求解和获得结果

  • 并行化:在64位计算机上使用时,可以充分利用可用RAM,从而显著提高求解速度和后处理速度

  • 直观的界面,可根据用户偏好(整体外观、工具栏、求解器、背景、默认值等)方便定制



  • 电子包装

  • 散热片

  • 吸热器

  • 家电

  • 航空航天部件

  • 汽车零件部




Microsoft® Windows 10或更高版本









CELSIUSTM delivers a powerful, easy to use, 3D thermal design and analysis tool right to your desktop. It provides fast, accurate results, exact modeling of boundaries and easy analysis of open region problems.


In many applications including part forming, bonding and hardening, the heat distribution over time within the part being heated is essential. Without this knowledge the process is carried out in an ad hoc manner. Ultimately, this lack of knowledge will be an added cost to the product in terms of quality, time to market, or excess material and energy costs.


In addition to simulating the part, designing the environment in which the part is heated may also be important. For induction heating, the shape of the coils can play a major part in the heating process. In addition, the heating equipment can be driven at different frequencies which will also affect the quality and efficiency of the heating process. To cater to these problems, a finite element or a combination of finite element methods is required. The real question is to understand the process and find the level of simulation required to produce useful results.



  • 3D static and transient thermal analyses field solver for a diverse range of applications.

  • At no extra cost, our software packages include:

  • Choice of solvers: To ensure you have confidence in the solution and for independent verification, both BEM and FEM methods are included in the same software package to suit your specific application needs. Not every solver fits every application, no“one size fits all”.

  • Choice of optimization tools: Parametric Analysis for those who need fast and easy optimization with a short learning curve. API and Scripting give more power to advanced users. Both tools are available in the same package.

  • Built-in material libraries: Customize and create your own library for easy access to the materials you use.

  • Integration with MATLAB®: Users' MATLAB code can include function calls to the INTEGRATED API to build geometry, assign physical parameters, solve, and obtain results.

  • Parallelization: When used on 64-bit computers, this permits full utilization of the available RAM to dramatically increase speed of solution and post-processing.

  • Intuitive interface that can be easily customized according to user preferences (overall appearance, toolbars, solvers, backgrounds, defaults, etc.).





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