AMPERES - 三维磁场求解器








  • 新的“线圈和绕组”编辑器,用于分析大量线圈/旋转瞬态或高度非线性的开关源和负载

  • 直观且结构化的界面,可很大程序的提高专家和初学者的工作效率静态、相量和瞬态分析模式

  • 静态和相量分析模式

  • 非线性铁磁和永磁材料的仿真

  • 有损磁性材料的模拟

  • 力、扭矩、磁链和电感计算

  • 周期性和对称特征,以很大限度的减少建模和求解时间

  • 用于绘制标量和矢量场量的多种显示形式,包括图形、等高线图、箭头图、轮廓图和矢量轨迹图

  • 用于准备报告和演示文稿的高质量3D图形和文本实用程序

  • 数据可导出为格式化文件,以便与电子表格和其他软件包集成

  • 允许多个文件的无人值守解决方案的批处理

  • 强的参数化功能,允许逐步定义可变参数以分析多个“假设”场景,促进设计优化

  • 用于设计评估和优化的多种后处理选项

  • 自适应网格划分或可选的用户细化

  • 用于自动更正绘图错误的CAD修复实用程序

  • 大型永磁体和铁磁材料库,可方便添加其他材料



  • 记录磁头

  • 磁化夹具

  • 断路器

  • 电动(AC/DC)电机

  • 磁屏蔽

  • 螺线管和变压器

  • 磁性传感器和仪表




Microsoft® Windows 10或更高版本









AMPERESTM is INTEGRATED's powerful three-dimensional magnetic field solver offering superior design capabilities in one fully integrated package. AMPERESTM greatly expands design potential and allows you to simulate and optimize electromagnetic components and systems before the manufacturing stage. Avoid building multiple prototypes. Lower your development costs and times. Reach the market faster than ever before. Select the best analysis method for your application; AMPERESTM provides both Finite Element Method (FEM) and Boundary Element Method (BEM) solvers and includes full parallel processing as well as Application programming Interface (API) capability.




AMPERESTM comes complete and ready to use. Purchase of additional modules or options is not needed.

AMPERESTM is a fully functional CAE tool. A partial list of AMPERES' standard features includes:

  • Latest innovation “Coils and Windings” editor to analyze large number of coils/rotational transients or highly nonlinear switching sources and loads

  • An Intuitive and structured interface which maximizes productivity for experts and beginnersStatic, phasor and transient analysis modes

  • Static and phasor analysis modes

  • Simulation of non-linear ferromagnetic and permanent magnet materials

  • Simulation of lossy magnetic materials

  • Force, torque, flux linkage and inductance calculation

  • Periodic and symmetry features to minimize modeling and solution time

  • A variety of display forms for plotting scalar and vector field quantities including graphs, contour plots, arrow plots, profile plots and vector loci plots

  • High quality 3D graphics and text utility for preparation of reports and presentations

  • Data exportable to formatted files for integration with spreadsheets and other software packages

  • Batch Processing that allows unattended solution of multiple files

  • Powerful parametric feature which allows definition of variable parameters to be stepped through for the analysis of multiple “what if” scenarios, facilitating design optimization

  • A wide array of post-processing options for design evaluation and optimization

  • Self-adaptative meshing or optional user refinement

  • CAD healing utilities for automatic correction of drafting errors

  • Large library of permanent magnet and ferromagnetic materials to which additional materials can be easily added




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