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你是否花更多的时间在文字艺术上而不是文字处理上?你是否还在为如何用颜料画出一个圆圈而绞尽脑汁?介绍Math Illustrations,这是一种为文档和演示文稿创建几何图形的简单直观的方法。


Math Illustrations是数学教师创建图表的工具,用于测试、工作表、作业或演示。使创建准确的带注释的几何体变得简单。


通过将Geometry Expressions的基于约束的架构与易于使用的绘图和图形功能相结合,Math Illustrations让您在更短的时间内为学生创建更有效的几何图形。










Math Illustrations 3.1的新功能包括:


  • 反射角

  • 轴上的箭头和标签

  • 箭头上的更多样式

  • 将您的颜色添加到右键菜单中

  • 追踪一个点







Windows 7或更高版本



OS X 10.7或更好




Tired of using the wrong drawing tools for your math documents?


Do you spend more time using Word for line art instead of word processing? Are you left scratching your head on how to create an incircle in Paint? We were. And we did something about it. Introducing Math Illustrations, an easy intuitive way to create geometric diagrams for documents and presentations.


By combining the constraint-based architecture of Geometry Expressions with easy-to-use drawing and graphing features, Math Illustrations lets you create more effective geometry figures for your students in less time.


Draw Quickly: Quickly create drawings by using a constraint-based model. With a single click, add leader lines and dimension arrows to specify lengths, angles, distances and radii.


Draw Accurately: You can set the lengths of lines, value of angles, and size of radii in your figures. If side A of a triangle is length 4 and side B is length 6, you can be sure that side B is 1.5 times longer than side A.


Export Easily: Draw a selection around your figure to place it on the clipboard in raster and vector format. Paste this directly into Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, iWork -- you name it! We also support file export of EPS, EMF, PNG, JPG, Tiff and more.






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