Intel Visual Fortran Compiler - Fortran编译器

Visual Numerics Inc已于2004年初完成与Intel的结盟,将当时的IMSL Fortran Library的新版本整合在Intel Visual Fortran系列产品之Pro版(承袭购并之Compaq Visual Fortran功能架构)中。这是2010新版本Intel Visual Fortran Compiler 11.1 Pro 版!

Intel® CPU Pentium®4, Xeon™ Centrino™ Itanium®支持OpenMP及Auto-Parallelism特色。“英特尔R Visual Fortran 编译器Windows* 版”将Compaq Visual Fortran* (CVF) 语言的丰富功能与英特尔代码生成及优化技术结合在一起,构成面向英特尔体系结构的下一代Fortran 编译器。它提供250 多条CVF 与英特尔Fortran 命令及同义词,使编译器更加易于使用,同时仍能作为插件融入Microsoft Visual Studio 环境,并提供直接来自英特尔的技术支持。此编译器是一套功能齐备的Fortran 95 编译器,具有优化功能,可以使Fortran 应用程序在英特尔R IA-32 与安腾2 处理器上快速运行。英特尔® 视觉FORTRAN 编译器为窗口* 标记一个里程碑为FORTRAN 开发商。它带来Compaq 视觉FORTRAN * 语言特色与英特尔编译器代码世代和优化技术一起。

New in This Release

The Intel C++ Compiler for Windows build on a winning foundation. Position yourself to create next-generation software, for next-generation hardware.


Overview of What's New in this Release


The new features in this release let you to go farther with minimum effort, getting the most out of Intel® platforms. Each is explained briefly here, with links to more complete descriptions:

Multi-core development supportallows developers to rapidly develop applications that deliver very high performance on multi-core Intel® processors.

Microsoft Visual Studio* 2005 integrationbrings Intel hardware expertise into the latest Microsoft integrated development environment.

Support for the latest Intel® processorslike the Intel® Core™ Duo processor and dual-core Itanium® 2 processor.

In addition, the following benefits are available from this release:

Additional features from the Fortran 2003 standard

Uninitialized variable checking is now available for all project types. (Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition supported for command line development only.)

Fast, precise control over the floating point model

性能、兼容性、技术支持:采用“英特尔Intel Visual Fortran Compiler 9.0”可以提高应用程序速度,并保护您在开发工具上所作的投资。优化功能可以给新的英特尔® 处理器上运行的应用程序带来出众的性能。本产品包含标准版与Pro版。“英特尔®Visual Fortran 编译器Pro版;包含Visual Numerics, Inc. 的“IMSL* Fortran 函数库6.0&rdquo。





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