EiffelEnvision - 微软Visual Studio .NET的Eiffel语言插件

EiffelEnvision是微软Visual Studio .NET的Eiffel语言插件。

EiffelEnvisionTM is the new Eiffel-language plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. It empowers developers to experience the unique features of the Eiffel Development FrameworkTM, while working in the popular Visual Studio .NET environment.


EiffelEnvision allows serious developers to leverage the advantages of the Eiffel approach to create highly reusable code and large business systems that simply will not fail. And all the code created with ENViSioN! is .NET compatible and interoperates with any other .NET language. With features only found in Eiffel, you can:


A few of the features of EiffelEnvision
Design by Contract Design by Contract (DBC) is a unique mechanism that demands and simplifies the production of quality software. It ensures that your code will have substantially less errors because it follows "the rules" of development. Our customers tell us that because of DBC they can dramatically lower the number of bugs and spend more time designing. In short it makes programming fun again.
Clean Syntax You can create easy to read classes with Eiffel's simple, unambiguous plain-English syntax. This greater readability makes the development and maintenance of large and/or multi-participant systems about 10 times easier.
Genericity for .NET Eiffel genericity allows classes to be written in a way where it can be reused in a multitude of different scenarios without the need to change any code in the class itself. By employing genericity in your system, you can dr amatically reduce the amount of bugs and will end up with far less code to maintain throughout the lifecycle of your software.
Multiple Inheritance Robust multiple inheritance facilities are essential to support combining various abstraction s and reusable components. The Eiffel-unique mechanisms of renaming (to eliminate name clashes), "join", and "select" (removes ambi guities from multiple redeclarations) ensure a powerful tool that dramatically improves both modeling and design/implementation.
Fast Executables Eiffel is very performance-focused, and produces executables that are comparable in speed to C/C++ code with far less development effort or expertise required. Eiffel also employs system-wide optimizations that are not possible with other languages.
Seamless Framework No more modelling, and then starting over again to design and implement. Eiffel allows you to model bulletproof software, design it, and test it - all in one continuous flow, all within the same tool, all in the same language.
Portability Allows you to create applications once and run them virtually anywhere. (Not `create once, debug everywhere' as you find in other "multi-platform" solutions.
.NET compatibility Eiffel is fully .NET compliant, allowing you to create open applications that can interoperate and share code with any other .NET language.
Ideal Migration path to .NET Eiffel allows you to migrate from another platform (say, Unix) to .NET without having to `freeze' the current application, and without having to create a project so large that it would be totally unmanageable.
Best tool for business critical applications When you positively need something that will not fail, Eiffel is the ideal choice for a development framework.
Powerful new GUI library We have entirely redesigned EiffelBuild which gives developers the ability to create powerful multi-platform GUIs that will run identically on any of our supported platforms.
Reusable code Allows you to shorten development time by a factor of 2 to as much as 10 times.


EiffelEnvision is available in a full-featured Enterprise edition, as well as a FREE download.





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