SeismoBuild | 建筑抗震评估有限元计算软件

SeismoBuild是一款全新的,完全专用于地震抗震评估和加固钢筋混凝土结构的有限元软件包。该程序能够完全执行从结构建模到所需分析和相应的成员检查代码定义评估方法。目前支持六种代码(欧洲规范,美国地震评估和现有建筑改造规范ASCE 41-13,意大利国家地震代码NTC-08,希腊地震干预代码KANEPE和土耳其地震评估规范 ,TBDY)。公制和英制单位以及欧洲和美国钢筋类型均受支持。


  • 完全可视化界面。没有输入或配置文件,编程脚本或任何其他耗时且复杂的文本编辑需求。

  • 借助建筑模型工具,用户可以在几分钟内创建出真正规则或不规则的3D钢筋混凝土模型。

  • 简单的基于CAD的输入; 地板的平面图可以用作背景。

  • 用于现有和加固(夹套)构件(矩形,L形,T形,圆形,剪力墙,普通或倒置T形梁)的预定义内置横截面。 

  • 使用纤维增强聚合物(FRP)包装进行加固的简单建模; 现有的FRP材料的大型库是可用的。

  • 倾斜梁和板的简单造型。

  • 自动列细分为模型短列。

  • 能够打印包含所有模型成员及其属性的表。

  • 基于代码的参数的简单定义。

  • 简单输入极限状态,建筑性能水平,地震危险水平和知识水平。

  • 对非线性分析所需要的参数进行简单的定义,有一系列预定义的设置方案和详细的指导方针,并附有程序的建议。

  • 大型混凝土和钢材料非线性模型库。

  • Fibre-based非弹性框架元素。

  • 分布式塑性模型能够准确地模拟沿大型墙体整个高度的非弹性分布。

  • 特征值和pushover分析支持。

  • 可以创建AVI电影文件以更好地说明结构变形的顺序。

  • 自动计算目标位移。

  • 详细和直观地呈现分析结果; 表格,图表和3D图。

  • 所有的代码定义能力检查都被支持(剪切能力,弦旋转能力,层间漂移水平,梁柱节点检查)。

  • 在表格和3D图上的检查;超出容量的成员用红色高亮显示。

  • 详细的技术报告PDF, RTF或HTML格式;内容(文本、图和表)和报告的大小由用户决定。

  • 具有平面图的CAD图纸,成员的横截面和加固表格; 包括特别创建的* .ctb文件。

  • 轻松将所有数据,表格和图表复制到任何其他Windows应用程序。

  • 在建模或收敛问题的情况下,可以很容易地将模型发送到Seismosoft,并得到非线性分析专家团队的帮助。


Visualizza ingrandimento             Visualizza ingrandimento            
建筑模型             3D楼层视图            
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3D模型             玻璃钢和楼梯分配            
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不同的基础水平             显示有限元模型            
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代码要求             变形的形状查看器            
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变形的形状查看器             会员支票            
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接头检查             报表生成器            
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报告预览             导出的DWG文件            

SeismoBuild is an innovative Finite Element package wholly and exclusively dedicated to seismic assessment and strengthening of reinforced concrete structures that is targeted to the design office. The program is capable of fully carrying out the Code defined assessment methodologies from the structural modelling through to the required analyses and the corresponding member checks. Currently three European Codes are supported (Eurocodes, Italian National Seismic Code NTC-08, Greek Seismic Interventions Code KANEPE). Both metric and imperial units, as well as European and US reinforcing bars types are supported. Some of the more important features of SeismoBuild are summarised in what follows:

  • Completely visual interface. No input or configuration files, programming scripts or any other time-consuming and complex text editing requirements.

  • With the Building Modeller the user can create real regular or irregular 3D reinforced concrete models within minutes.

  • Easy CAD-based input; the floor's plan view can be used as background.

  • Predefined built-in cross-sections for both existing and strengthened (jacketed) members (rectangular, L-shaped, T-shaped, circular, shear walls, normal or inverted T-beams).

  • Easy modelling of strengthening with Fibre-Reinforced Polymers (FRP) wraps; a large library of existing FRP materials is available.

  • Easy modelling of inclined beams and slabs.

  • Automatic column subdivision to model short columns.

  • Straightforward definition of code-based parameters.

  • Simple input of limit states, building performance levels, earthquake hazard levels and knowledge levels.

  • Easy definition of the parameters needed for the nonlinear analysis, with a range of predefined settings schemes and detailed guidelines with suggestions by the program.

  • Large library of nonlinear models for concrete and steel materials.

  • Fibre-based inelastic frame elements.

  • Distributed plasticity models to accurately model the distribution of inelasticity along the entire height of large walls.

  • Eigenvalue and pushover analyses supported.

  • AVI movie files can be created to better illustrate the sequence of structural deformation.

  • Automatic calculation of the target displacement.

  • Detailed and intuitive presentation of the analytical results; tables, charts and 3D plots are available.

  • All the code-defined capacity checks are supported (shear capacity, chord rotation capacity, inter-storey drift level, beam-column joints checks).

  • Checks presented on a table and on the 3D plot; the members where the capacity is exceeded are highlighted with red.

  • Detailed technical report in PDF, RTF or HTML format; the content (text, plots and tables) and the size of the report are determined by the users.

  • CAD drawings with plan views, members' cross sections and reinforcement tables; specially created *.ctb files are included.

  • Easy copying of all the data, tables and plots to any other Windows application.

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